TabaPay delivers instant availability of funds for customers via the Pull or Push transaction, however, the actual settlement of funds occurs every morning Monday - Friday excluding bank holidays. We provide settlement instructions to our banking partners every morning and settle with the networks by 9 AM PT (excluding weekends and holidays).

Pull vs Push

Pull transactions (purchases) will be credited to the client's designated account and all push transactions (disbursements) will be debited from the FBO account held at the Sponsor bank.

TabaPay collects funds for push transactions (disbursements) from the client’s FBO Prefund account, as well as any network fees, such as interchange. To ensure the availability of funds TabaPay and the Sponsor bank require clients to prefund their FBO account held at the Sponsor bank to eliminate any issues with the settlement the next morning (good funds model). Clients should keep an amount equal or more to 1 day’s forecasted activity in the FBO account (they should keep additional funds to cover weekends and holidays since settlement occurs on business days, e.g. on Monday morning for the Friday-Sunday activity).


Clients set Daily Program Limit for the disbursement program, which would stop any funding activity in the TabaPay system. We encourage clients to set low balance alerts with TabaPay in order to be notified when their disbursement activity reaches 90% of the daily limit.

Once a client receives that alert, they can add funds to the FBO account and request an increase to their daily disbursement limit by contacting [email protected] (subject line: Client Name_Limit Increase Request).

Settlement Flows